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Barbara 9 hours ago

I'd like to know if there's any way to register as a co-host in an area and be recommended to other existent hosts in your neighbourhood, is this a feature that will become available?


DragonflyHill yesterday

Despite the high cost of housing in L.A., listing prices are dropping so drastically that it really makes hosting very difficult. We're working so hard to keep high quality service and have been superhosts since our first quarter as hosts, but when guests are paying less than 50$ a night or rooms go empty, it's hard to make ends meet.  (Also once p

Chad yesterday

I just became aware that Guests are charged a different service fee  (a sliding scale from 6%-12% of some unknown amount of reservation revenue?) than the flat percentage fee Hosts are charged.  As a host, we do not see this added fee put onto the guest.   All we see our nightly rate, our 3% service fee, cleaning fee, and any extra fee/deposit we m

Jeff yesterday

When writing/editing a message responding to enquiries or requests, the cursor in the message box often misplaces and there is extreme latency in typing which results in gobbledy **bleep**. I need to write my reply in an editor and paste it into the box.  It occurs on various PCs so it’s not related to my PC, cache etc.   It is not problem using Ch

Callum yesterday

. I contacted Airbnb 3 times last night for help, they didn't reply.

. They blocked my calendar for a same day potential booking and allowed other people in the area to take bookings but not me.

. I have a moderate cancellation but received no money when the guest cancelled after blocking my calendar for 12 hours.

* Airbnb do not care about hosts.

. I

Ed Tuesday

At first I loved Airbnb ... but having a major problem with the dormatories. I repetedly have people thinking they can book one bed and jam in up to 6 people for as little as $3.00 per person breakfast included ... this defies logic ... yet it continues ( I am now on their "blacklist" because a guest refused to cancel ...  after this incident I've

Mary Tuesday

Stop harrassing hosts to "refer hosts to earn $100" 

It is offensive. 

Each and every time I review a guest I am pestered with this pop up. 

Lay off. 

Let me do my job.

Super Host, more than 275 reviews. 


Lydia Tuesday

I have a pending "inquiry" with a potential guest for a time 2 months away. The guest is a first time Airbnb user and has no verifications and no reviews.  I don't mind being their first Airbnb stay but I would like them to be verified first before I pre-approve for "instant booking".   Seems reasonable for Airbnb to give me a link to pre-approve i


Hello fellow hosts! I just got my Superhost award and it had been a challenging but great 7 months!


My city is Manila, Philippines and is still not included in cities with guidebooks.  We know that the guidebook system is still fresh and may always need improvements.


One of these i can say is the interface where one inputs the place.  The current i

Liv Monday

There is a lots of discussion on this - are there any software fixes planned as the stats page has not updated for five days now - its not the end of the world but does seem another example of investment in marketing vs code. Could you advise when this misght be addressed, if your going to engage with your 'host community' then you need to effect c

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