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Crystal yesterday

I would like the hosts to understand the repurcussions of cancelling someone. Because of the glitch in their system their rep told me, sometimes one of my spaces opens up. I have to monitor it daily. Twice someone booked a room that was booked. So, I cancelled them. This is in a 6 year period of time. So I was not able to be a super host ever. They

Florencia yesterday

Up to now, the Verify Request is a requirement that works to all or none guests.

I prefer to not having set to access a bigger market and gain more reservations but when I got a suspicious inquiry from a guest that I don´t feel fully comfortable I would like to have an extra button to ask for verification on that particular guests in a way that he w

Soren Wednesday

I just had an alteration that was quite significant. It went from 10 days to 3 days and its only 2 weeks until they arrive. In general I want to be acommodating but I also believe this should be a fair transaction for both guests and hosts. I accepted it but have now been thinking, was this a fair transaction for me as a host?


AirBnB have a cancell

Kathryn Wednesday

I want an easy way to block dates farther than 2 months in advance. I intend to offer great last minute deals to fill gaps in my schedule but only within 2 months. 


I would like an easy way to auto block dates out paste 2 months and have them open up one day at a time. 


Is there something like this besides going in and manually blocking each of my

Cormac Wednesday

Dear Brian CEO & HOC



In the software industry, its normal practise to pay a bounty to engineers who find errors in computer code (bugs, not to be confused with the other sort of bedbugs that are now appearing on the Airbnb site), even the mighty Apple have started doing it!



That Airbnb put in place such a bounty to tract down and

Nate And Sarah Tuesday

As many hosts have pointed out it is often vital that a guest understands something in particular about a listing before booking it, and sometimes there may be something slightly different about a certain interaction that needs to be agreed upon.


A couple examples:

1) A guest is arriving the same day another guest is checking out and we need them to

Anne Tuesday

I would like for people who have rentals in my area to find me as a Co-Host.  I am successfully doing this in Myrtle Beach's north end.  I think it's a good idea to help more people host through AirBNB.  Co-Host service listing :-)


Mike And Pam Tuesday

Why does Airbnb make it so darn difficult to get a question answered?


Sure they like their rabit hole scripted "help" options, which only serves to lower their administration costs, while their entire business plan is making money off the fact that we are willing to host through their site, they are not offering the services we need to make that ex

Jo Tuesday

Recently there has been some media buzz about Airbnb´s sublet feature


This feature is supposed to focus in bookings longer than 30 days.


I am very interested in this because, as a host I focus on long term stays.


I rent my property, using Airbnb, in a university city in Spain with a lot of international activity.




Most of my

Gowri Monday

I think the category "Location" should be dropped altogether. And because I don't want to present a problem without also offering a solution, I think that if Air BnB insists on having a 7th category, "Location" should be changed to "Safety".


 The reasons are -

1) No matter how well you explain the category, some guests don't take the time to underst

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